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Fast, reliable, and
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the Internet and private
networks while in the field


More content from more locations is just one of the demands facing today’s broadcasters.

The expectation to do more with less staff, budget, and equipment has become commonplace. When you think about your field crews and the challenges they face in producing more content, one of the biggest challenges standing in their way is reliable connectivity.

Introducing Dejero GateWay—a solution that provides in-vehicle mobile connectivity by blending together cellular connections from multiple mobile network carriers—creating more bandwidth, speed, and reliability over a secure connection. With access to reliable Internet connectivity on location, your staff will be able to perform more activities remotely.

GateWay provides field crews with sufficient bandwidth to quickly upload and download large files as well as access newsroom systems and private networks with ease, and without having to return to the station. This means your crews will spend more time in the field and less time commuting back and forth between assignments.


How does GateWay work?

The Dejero GateWay solution includes an in-vehicle router, software, and connectivity services to the virtual Dejero GateWay network­—all managed in the cloud, and backed by industry-leading technical support.

Dejero Gateway How It Works


The in-vehicle router blends multiple cellular connections to provide carrier diversity and high throughput. It’s available in a 1U rack-mount form-factor with cellular modems that connect to external antennas positioned on the roof for optimal performance. The router also supports VPN tunneling for secure access to private networks.


At the heart of the GateWay solution is our Core software. Comprised of complex algorithms, Core manages the fluctuating bandwidth of individual cellular connections and automatically adjusts the throughput of each individual connection in real time to enable the ultra-fast speeds and improved reliability of the blended network.


Our connectivity services include access to the GateWay network and flexible data plans that make your life simpler. Instead of negotiating connectivity from multiple cellular carriers, we do the hard work for you. We provision and manage the optimal enterprise-grade SIMs from leading carriers in your region. The result? One unified connectivity service. One bill.


The Dejero Control management system gives you the power to manage your fleet of GateWay routers from a web browser. Set up, configure and update routers, view performance data, and generate usage and billing reports to help you manage your mobile connectivity operational costs.

How GateWay network blending works

The ability of GateWay to deliver high bandwidth Internet connectivity is made possible by our patented and patent pending network blending technologies.

We blend 3G, 4G, and LTE cellular connections from multiple carriers to create a virtual network. Our algorithms dynamically and intelligently manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections to choose the optimal path to route IP packets to their destination.

The result is increased reliability from carrier diversity and greater bandwidth that enables faster, bi-directional data transfer.

The benefits of GateWay


Field reporters can complete stories in the field without having to return to the station, enabling them to cover more stories and create more content.


We’ve designed the GateWay solution to be easy to install, connect to external antennas, and configure. It’s also easy to operate in the field.


Dejero’s technology dynamically routes packets over multiple connections, inherently providing a level of security. Establishing a VPN connection adds an extra layer of security.


There are times when cellular network coverage varies. With carrier diversity, GateWay provides a more reliable Internet connection in more locations than solutions relying on a single carrier.


By blending multiple cellular connections together, the virtual GateWay network provides increased bandwidth that enables fast, bi-directional data transfer.


Manage your fleet of in-vehicle routers from a web browser. Troubleshoot without having to return vehicles back to the station, saving valuable time and keeping crews productive in the field.

Dejero Care

Dejero Care

We take great pride in the quality and performance of our connectivity solutions.

We also take pride in the exceptional customer service we provide.

Available to you 24/7, our support team assists with configuration, troubleshooting, and expert advice on optimizing performance. We call it Dejero Care, and it comes with training, hardware warranties, and software updates.

How Dejero GateWay Improves Productivity


Field crews can quickly and efficiently upload large files and download archived B-roll clips to complete a story while on location. No more trips back and forth between the station—saving valuable time. A reliable, high-bandwidth, bi-directional connection makes this possible.


More and more, organizations are embracing cloud services for collaboration between staff, no matter where they are. Reliable connectivity for remote and mobile employees is critical for instant access to applications and to help them do their jobs more efficiently.


Imagine extending your organization’s network beyond the confines of the broadcast facility into the field. With the GateWay solution, personnel on location can remotely and securely access newsroom and content management systems as if they were back at the station—enabling streamlined production workflows.


With GateWay it is easy to set up a private, temporary hotspot to provide Internet connectivity for staff on location. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional fiber connectivity, if available at a venue, and provides more bandwidth and connections than consumer-grade wireless alternatives.

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GateWay Solution Brochure

GateWay Solutions Brochure
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GateWay Router Product Brief
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