2022 Winter Games

4 February, 2022 | Beijing, China

Reliable connectivity and rugged equipment that won’t quit — so you can send live video and real-time data with the push of a button.

Flexible and turnkey rentals for your Games coverage

Rugged and durable hardware

Scalable data plans 

Industry-leading 24/7 technical support

Explore the most sought after Dejero solutions


EnGo is the world’s most durable and versatile mobile transmitter that’s purpose-built for reliably sending high-quality live video from remote locations.


Network aggregation devices for temporary on-site connectivity.


CuePoint return video servers keep teams synchronized with low latency return feeds viewable on up to 8 devices in the field.

WayPoint and Cloud Server

On-premises or in the cloud, Dejero WayPoint receivers and Cloud Server reconstruct video transported over multiple IP connections from Dejero transmitters and output to your desired workflow.


The Dejero FlexPoint 111 transceiver is an all-in-one encoder and decoder capable of transmitting and receiving resolutions up to 4K UHD.



MultiPoint for easy global distribution and sharing of live content.

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