Responding to COVID-19

Updated April 14, 2020

Dejero recognizes the critical services that broadcasters and public safety organizations are providing to the public during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As the situation continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure your video and connectivity needs are continuing to be met during this time.

Our April 8, 2020 news release about our response can be found here.

Dejero LivePlus

Complimentary mobile apps

In an effort to support updates from health and public safety officials and facilitate additional remote contributors during this time, we are making our smartphone and notebook apps available to content contributors until September 30, 2020.

Customers can contact our customer relations team at to request licenses (please allow approximately 24 hours for our team to respond to requests).

At-home broadcasting setups

Image Credits: @ErikNasoImage Credits: @ErikNaso

Many news anchors, reporters, and meteorologists have adapted to live broadcasting from their homes to keep us informed. As they continuously learn how to optimize their at-home setups, they are integrating Dejero solutions into their workflows. Here are some examples of their inventive setups, using the Dejero LivePlus app on smartphones, and our CuePoint return feed server in the broadcast facility to deliver return video and teleprompter scripts on tablets and monitors.


Find an Expert

Powered by ExpertFile, the ‘Find an Expert’ database in Dejero Control has numerous healthcare professionals, university academics, and industry experts from around the globe covering over 40,000 topics. These experts are available and ready to be contacted to share their expertise and fact-based insights with the media. Searching keywords such as “covid-19”, “economic impact”, or “health innovation” will help you find the right match for your story.

Dejero is providing complimentary licenses of its apps to these pre-qualified experts, to help deliver broadcast-quality live content.


Find a Provider

The ‘Find a Provider’ database in Dejero Control lists a wide array of service providers, including freelance reporters and camera crews. These providers are located all around the world, and are able to cover local stories in situations where sending your staff is no longer a viable option. Providers identify the full range of services that they make available.

GateWay M6E6

Business continuity solutions

If you are looking to solve business continuity challenges, our team can work with you to build portable kits with Dejero equipment for reliable remote connectivity and off-premises live video and real-time data exchange. Please reach out to for more information on how we can provide a solution to address your needs.



While our support team is working from home, we are still here to help and answer any questions 24/7. Reach out to us at or call us at 1 866 808 3665 (toll-free) or internationally at +1 519 772 4824.