Missed it? Introducing EnGo 260 Webinar Playback

The world's most durable and versatile mobile transmitter just got better

We talked about what the hype is all about in this 25-minute webinar! The new EnGo 260 is 30% lighter, has an 85% larger screen, and offers a variety of user-friendly upgrades to our already well-loved EnGo that keeps you reliably connected almost anywhere.

Andy ClipshamAndy Clipsham
Sr. Technical Product Manager

Andy walked through how the new EnGo 260 can enhance your mobile video contribution.

In this webinar, we covered key features including:

  • Patented Smart Blending Technology that intelligently combines multiple network connections to deliver enhanced reliability
  • Unique content adaptive encoding that automatically adapts to scene complexity
  • Global modems that simplifies international travel
  • Advanced RF design for superior performance
  • Professional grade mini-XLR for IFB
  • Hybrid encoding

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