How low-latency return video can improve live remote contribution for broadcasters

Broadcasters rely on field production teams to contribute captivating live news stories, interviews, and weather updates from remote locations. To produce high-quality live content, field teams and central production teams need to be in constant, precisely-timed synchronization so that on-air talent and camera operators can make real-time adjustments during the broadcast.

But field teams are often left with only audio cues and not visual cues while they’re on-air, eliminating the ability for camera operators to adjust framing to account for graphics or overlays, or for field talent to react to in-studio counterparts — which hurts the quality of the broadcast.

Don’t keep your field teams in the dark while they’re on-the-air.

In this webinar, we’ll explain the value of providing live return video to the field and outline its many applications, including:

  • Visual cueing and teleprompting for field talent
  • Production monitoring for field directions
  • Confidence monitoring for field camera operators

We’ll also introduce CuePoint, the Dejero return feed server that enables:

  • Synchronized remote production with as little as 250 milliseconds of latency
  • Improved versatility with 8 simultaneous feeds viewable from a monitor or mobile device
  • Simplified management and routing of feeds from a web browser

Create better content by keeping your production teams in sync.

Josh CronkJosh Cronk
Product Marketing Manager

Yvonne MonterrosoYvonne Monterroso
Director of Product Management

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