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Boost Communication Reliability to Protect and Serve Communities

On-Demand Webinar

In this session, learn how public safety agencies are deploying resilient connectivity solutions for mission-critical operations for fast, reliable and flexible connectivity whenever and wherever they need it.

In June, Dejero, in partnership with Hypha and IP Access tested our connectivity solutions in Colorado, where public safety agencies face some of the toughest communication challenges in the US: where 10,000-foot mountain passes obstruct cell service and pose significant connectivity challenges. From Durango to Gypsum, to Grand Junction and more, we proved that we can deliver fast and reliable wireless connectivity, even in the most remote and challenging terrain.


In this webinar, we discuss how to:

  • Deliver high-performance mobile satellite bandwidth with unmatched coverage for your mission-critical operations.
  • Extend coverage for Wi-Fi-enabled devices, sensors and cameras miles into challenging environments, such as rural and remote areas and mountainous terrain.
  • Blend multiple cellular networks and satellite into a single service to deliver greater bandwidth, expanded coverage, and enhanced reliability.


Rory McCabeRory McCabe
Channel Manager

Dean TaylorDean Taylor
Technical Account Manager

Michael WeaverMichael Weaver
Senior Director, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
IP Access International

Drew DelaneyDrew Delaney
President, US Operations


Driven by its vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, Dejero delivers real-time video and networking solutions that provide resilient, uninterrupted internet connectivity for critical communications. Powered by intelligent network aggregation technology, Dejero combines diverse telecommunication networks including 4G/5G cellular, GEO/MEO/LEO satellite, and fixed broadband, to create a software-defined ‘network of networks’ managed in the cloud. The result is enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth for its global customers. Founded in 2008, privately-held Dejero is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Learn more at


IP Access is an industry leading connectivity provider that has been delivering dependable solutions for mission-critical operations for over 20 years. Incorporated in 1999, IP Access has an expertise in space-based and terrestrial wireless solutions, providing public safety and enterprises resilient mobile connectivity in all situations.


Hypha Ltd is a provider of Satellite, LTE and Mesh solutions for voice and data focusing on Public Safety and first responders. Inspired by progress, we are driven to supply evolving communication and technology solutions, with efficient service. The Hypha team brings many years of experience in their area of expertise, which is one of our key ingredients to ensure success and inspire confidence in our ability to design, deliver and support our customers.

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