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There’s one thing that’s certain about the news: it happens fast, anywhere, and without warning.

Feeling confident about the connections available to you is important. You want to deliver the live shot with the video quality you need and expect. There are times when external factors such as network congestion or location can decrease your confidence. That’s why we created Dejero CellSat–a blended cellular and Ku-band IP satellite solution that takes the best attributes of both transmission paths and fuses them into one.

CellSat intelligently blends cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network providers with Ku-band IP satellite connectivity from Intelsat–reliably delivering the bandwidth you need to transmit broadcast-quality video in real time.

The fast, low-latency CellSat network can be accessed from virtually anywhere, and since it’s available from a single provider, procurement, management, and billing are greatly simplified.

BaM Award 2018Dejero CellSat wins again! Dejero won a BaM award in the "Connect" category for CellSat at NAB Show 2018. The BaMs are awarded to innovations in nine newly-defined categories that accurately model the structure of the industry. Congratulations to the entire Dejero team and our partner Intelsat!

NewBay's TV Technology Product Innovation AwardDejero CellSat is the proud recipient of the TV Technology Product Innovation Award. The award recognizes excellence in manufacturing of products to serve the TV/pro video and radio/online audio industries. Winners are selected by a panel of professional users and evaluation criteria include innovation of concept and design, creative use of technology, price value , and suitability for use in a broadcast TV/pro video or broadcast/online radio environment.

Here’s how it works

CellSat is more than a network. It’s a solution that combines several of our products and services with the Ku-band IP satellite connectivity from Intelsat–making this one of the most innovative connectivity solutions in broadcasting.

Dejero CellSat


Whether you want to equip your vehicle with an EnGo mobile transmitter or a rack-mounted encoder, we’ve got you covered. We also recommend the compatible cellular antennas, IP satellite modem , and satellite terminal equipment from our partners.


At the heart of Dejero’s products and solutions is our Core software. Comprised of complex algorithms, it’s the magic that automates many tasks to help you go live faster. Core manages the fluctuating bandwidth of individual cellular connections and dynamically allocates satellite bandwidth for optimal performance. It also communicates with the auto-acquire system to simplify the satellite connection process.


Our connectivity services include access to the CellSat network and flexible data plans that make your life simpler. Instead of negotiating connectivity from multiple cellular carriers and a satellite services provider, we do the hard work for you. In addition to managing satellite connectivity from Intelsat, we provision and manage optimal SIMs from leading carriers in your region. The result? One unified connectivity service.


At the broadcast facility, you’ll need a Dejero receiver to reconstruct the transmitted video for SDI or IP playout.


The Dejero Control management system gives you the power to manage CellSat from a web browser. You can also set up and remotely control transmitters and receivers, monitor and route ingests, view performance data, and generate usage and billing reports to help you manage your operational costs.

Blending cellular with satellite: how CellSat network blending works

The ability of CellSat to deliver reliable connectivity is made possible by our patented and patent pending blending technology.

By analyzing the characteristics of up to six cellular connections and the Intelsat Ku-band IP connection in real time, our algorithm dynamically and intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth and latency, choosing the optimal path for delivering the IP packets to the playout destination.

In partnership with Intelsat

The benefits of CellSat


Congestion and location are major factors when it comes to bandwidth availability. By blending cellular with Ku-band IP satellite connectivity, the CellSat solution ensures you’ll be able to confidently deliver your live shot.


We’ve designed our equipment and software to be easy to use in the field. And with Control, Dejero equipment set up, routing of feeds, and monitoring usage and performance is managed in the cloud.


The CellSat network is available when you need it. Scheduling is not required–saving you time and enabling faster response to breaking news.


Now you have the option of going live with cellular alone or you can use the blended cellular and Ku-band IP network for added reliability. The choice is yours.


With connectivity services from one provider, procurement and billing is greatly simplified. And with our first-class technical support team available 24/7, we’ve got your back when the pressure is on to deliver live content.

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